Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Five High Capacity Terabyte USB Flash drives to buy in 2017

Even though we have small and efficient external solid state drives and hard disk drives, the need for smaller, portable, lightning fast flash drives does not seem to end. 

We now have thumb drives ranging from hundreds of gigabytes of storage to almost ten terabytes. Talk about storing all the data you can ever imagine!

Here is a list of top five high-capacity terabyte flash drives of 2017:

1.       Kingston HyperX Predator 1TB USB Flash Drive

Hyper X Predator 1TB USB Flash drive is one of the fastest flash drives as of this writing. The drive has a read capacity of 240Mb/s and a write speed of 160Mb/s, allowing users to quickly access, edit and transfer their files and applications directly from the drive with no performance lag.

And with 1TB capacity, users can now store their entire digital world on the HyperX Predator flash drive.

The drive is available in 512GB and 1TB capacity and is backward compatible with USB 2.0.

2.       Kingston HyperX Savage 512GB USB Flash Drive

The second in this list is the HyperX Savage USB Flash drive with a read/write speed of 350MB/s. It lets you quickly access, edit and transfer files from the drive without any performance lag. The HyperX Savage has a capacity of 512GB, so there’s plenty of room for hi-res images, music and other media files of your routine use.

HyperX Savage is USB 3.0 and is backward compatible with USB 2.0. It is available in 256GB and 512GB capacity.

3.       SanDisk 256GB Cruzer Glide USB 2.0 Flash Drive (Encrypted)

In the third slot, we have a 256GB flash drive from the most reliable brand, Cruzer. The drive is a complete portable storage solution for your photos, videos, music and files. And to keep these files safe from privy users, Cruzer Glide is available with 128-bit AES encryption that allows users to share their private documents with ease.

Glide 256GB is a USB 2.0 drive and is available in several variations ranging between 8GB and 256GB.

4.       DataTraveler Ultimate GT 1TB USB Flash Drive

If speed and security are your top priorities, then there is nothing better than Kingston’s DataTraveler Ultimate GT 1TB USB stick drive. The flash drive is available in 1TB and 2TB capacities and can easily hold all your digital life in one place.

This flash drive is a must-have for enthusiasts working on 8K video footages or data archivers looking for ways to travel with terabytes of data. The drive can backup large production files, making it handy when shooting footages in 4K. It can store up to 70 hours of 4K footage.

5.       Corsair Voyager Slider X2 512GB USB 3.0

Finally, it is the Corsair Flash Voyager Slider X2 512GB USB Stick having a read speed of 200MB/s and a write speed of 90MB/s. It has a smart design that doesn’t sacrifice size for performance and is available with a retractable USB connector for increased protection when not in use. It comes with a blue LED that activates when it is transferring data.  

The drive is backward compatible with USB 2.0 ports.

These are the best five high-capacity flash drives available in 2017. Whether you are looking for security, reliability, affordability or all three, these are the drives you need to get your hands on in 2017.